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Yosemite National Park

Andy Fine has been traveling the world ever since his first international trip to France in 2004. Since then he has traveled to 16 countries across five continents. As of April 2020, he has been to China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, France, England, Greece, the British and US Virgin Islands, Canada, United States, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and Argentina! His love for the outdoors and camping came from his 13 years of experience as a camper and ultimately a trips counselor at Camp Leelanau for Boys in Maple City, MI. As a certified Wilderness First Responder and trained Experiential Education leader, Andy has had great opportunities to learn what it takes to successfully trek throughout the world. Andy operates the blog, A Fine Adventure, where he posts guides and tips for traveling the places he has been so far. When he is not traveling or camping, Andy enjoys sailing, skiing, tennis, and biking.


yosemite national park

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