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Peru is one of the most traveled to places in South America. The diverse landscape, delicious cuisine, and the infamous Machu Picchu bring visitors here from all over the globe. From the Alpamayo Circuit of the Cordillera Blanca to Cusco’s neighboring Ausangate, the trekking throughout Peru is nothing short of spectacular and needs to be on every trekker’s bucket list.


This guidebook will provide you with the requisite knowledge to independently hike some of Peru’s most popular, and some of its lesser-known treks without the reliance on a tour company. My goal is to give you the practical information every seasoned hiker seeks when they plan a trek to a new place. Additional resources will certainly complement this guide to fill in the ancillary details like restaurants and city lodging necessary for your complete trip planning. This guide includes information on the following Peruvian treks:​

Salkantay Web Thumb.png
Huayhuash Web Thumb.png
Ausangate Web Thumb.png
Alpamayo Web Thumb.png


Two months of trekking and traveling in Peru was an absolute dream. Soaring mountains, hypnotic turquoise lakes, and vast glaciers completely satisfied the monster inside me that so desperately hungers for adventure. Not only did I have the privilege to hike amongst these giants, but I did so for considerably less money than you might think and had the solitude and flexibility that only hiking independently without a guide provides. Trekking independently has clear advantages over hiking with a guide. Having the freedom and complete control over where you go and when are very important to me. It is also almost always far cheaper to travel independently. 

Invest in the quality of your adventure!

My guidebook solves all the challenges of planning an independent trip of a lifetime.

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