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Lion Rock, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The Bridge between China

and the Western World

The island of Hong Kong and the neighboring Kowloon side in Mainland China offers something for everyone. As my favorite Asian destination, it gives visitors the best of what the world has the offer. In a single day, you can hike along beautiful stretches of mountains, relax on a Carribean worthy beach, and enjoy the bustling nightlife and incredible cuisine of a major metropolitan city. After seven weeks traveling throughout Hong Kong, I have some great information on this region of the world.


Hong Kong needs to be on your travel bucket list, especially if you have not been to Asia. Hong Kong was occupied by the British until 1997. This Western influence over a century of occupation has permanently impacted the local culture despite China's reoccupation of the area and its increasing governmental control. Western tourists in Hong Kong can expect little of the culture shock that is experienced in Mainland China. So if you want to get your feet wet in Chinese culture, Hong Kong is a great stepping stone. 

Hong Kong Food Guide

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