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Lion Rock Hong Kong

Lion Rock

Hong Kong

Lion Rock is a fantastic hike to catch the sunset over Hong Kong. Getting the best view of downtown Hong Kong will cost you in pure grit and sweat. Soaring above the skyline, this hike offers a stunning 360° vantage point. This is one of the well-kept secrets of Hong Kong. There were few tourists that made the tough climb to Lion Rock. The difficulty of finding the trail from downtown is likely a reason. Anyone looking to explore nature on their trip to Hong Kong needs to check out Lion Rock.

Download Lion Rock KMZ File for Google Earth or Import

Getting There


Lion Rock can be accessed either by bus or MTR. Depending on your origin, it might be more convenient to take the bus. Navigate to either the Wong Tai Sin MTR station or the Tin Ma Court bus stop. In general, around Hong Kong, the MTR is much easier to use, but buses can get you closer to your destination.


You can hike to Lion Rock from either the east or west. The eastern trail section starting off of Shatin Pass Road is longer than the west, but either hiking direction would work. My recommendation would be to start at the western entrance, hike to Lion Rock, then exit at the East trailhead.


From either the Tin Ma Court bus stop or the Wong Tai Sin MTR station, walk west on Lung Cheung Road until you reach Chuk Yuen Road, then take an immediate left onto Lion Rock Road. Turn right on the unmarked road and you will soon see this sign on the left side of the road:



Lion Rock West Entrance off of Lion Rock Road


Recommended Itinerary


From the west trailhead, the path is well marked to the Lion Rock "Head". It is a mile long hike to the top and will take between 30-60 minutes to climb to the top (1 mile from west trailhead). This is not an easy hike, to say the least. Anyone can do it, but some will have to take it slower than others. Be prepared with plenty of water. There are several crosses in the path, but keep following the signs for either Lion Rock or the Shatin Pass. If your schedule permits, time your hike so that you are at the summit to watch the sunset. But allow yourself ample time so you don't have to sprint to the top like I did! Don't forget a flashlight, or ensure your phone has enough battery so you can see on the way down.



After Lion Rock, you could either descend back the way you came for a quicker route or continue east towards the Sha Tin Pass. Follow the signs until you reach the east trailhead as shown on the google map above and the marker. It is about 1.25 miles, 1-hour hike, from Lion Rock to the East Trailhead. Once you get to Sha Tin Road, you have to walk south at least until you get to Tsz Wan Shan Road where there are a bus stop and taxis available for hire. 


Lion Rock is an absolute must for any hikers traveling to Hong Kong. The whole hike can be done in between 2-4 hours depending on what route you take, and how long you spend enjoying the view at the summit. 


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