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Long Ke Wan Beach

Long Ke Wan &

Sai Wai Shan


Long Ke Wan is one of Hong Kong's picture-perfect beaches filled with white sand and tropical waters. Located on the southern portion of the Sai Kung Peninsula, this beach is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the beauty that Hong Kong has to offer.  Only accessible by boat or hiking, it will also be a chance to escape the crowds.

Download Long Ke Wan KMZ File for Google Earth or Import

The first destination on the journey to Sharp Peak is Sai Kung. This oceanside town is a fantastic spot infrequently visited by Hong Kong travelers. Sai Kung is famous for the incredible seafood restaurants along the Sai Kung pier where you can pick your dinner out of a tank! And it will also be your hub to hike the Sai Kung Peninsula. Depending on your origin location, and the day of the week, you will either take multiple buses or an MTR and then a bus.

Hong Kong to Sai Kung


Option 1 (Monday-Saturday): MTR to Choi Hung, 1A Minibus to Sai Kung


  • Navigate to the Choi Hung MTR station

  • From Choi Hung MTR station, exit the station at exit C2, and walk south to the Ngau Chi Wan Village/Lung Cheung Road bus stop. Take the green minibus 1A south towards Sai Kung Bus Terminal.


** The schedule of the 7, 94, and 96R are very irregular and changes on different days of the week.  

Option 2 (Sundays Only): Diamond Hill MTR to Sai Kung

On Sundays, the easiest way to get to Pak Tam Au is the 96R minibus from Diamond Hill MTR station. Get off at Sai Kung.

High Island Reservoir

From Sai Kung, travel by taxi to the High Island Reservoir East Dam trailhead. There is no bus option to get to the reservoir. Note you will need to take one of the local green taxis instead of the red ones you are used to seeing in Hong Kong. Only the green taxis travel from the town of Sai Kung into the Sai Kung Peninsula. The drivers all know Long Ke Wan, so you can also tell the driver that is where you want to go. 



Hiking from the trailhead to Long Ke Wan Beach is straightforward and relatively mild. It shouldn't take more than an hour to get to the beach. Plan to get to the beach around lunchtime so you can enjoy a few hours at the beach before continuing the hike. 


After soaking some rays that will completely make you forget you are only a short distance from one of Asia's largest metropolises, continue the hike from Long Ke Wan Beach to Sai Wai Shan. This peak is a solid 960 feet of elevation gain over about a mile. Getting to the top of Sai Wai Shan probably will take between 1-2 hours depending on your pace. 


Another two miles from the peak of Sai Wai Shan is the Sai Wan Pavillion. Here you can hop on the 29R bus that returns to Sai Kung. Pay close attention to your timing. The 29R is a small minibus, and only runs a handful of times during the year. 


29R Schedule (please take this schedule with a healthy skepticism)


FAIR WARNING. THIS BUS IS UNPREDICTABLE AND NOT TO BE FULLY TRUSTED. I didn't think of this at the time, but you could try arranging a pickup time with the taxi driver that took you to the High Island Reservoir at Sai Wan Pavillion. Could be a good backup plan. It is possible you could get to Sai Wan Pavillion and have to walk on the road towards Sai Kung. This happened to us, but we didn't have this resource to properly plan :). 


*** This is another fantastic hike that Hong Kong has to offer. If you only have limited time, I would definitely suggest the Tai Long Wan Beach Hike over this one. But it is definitely worth doing if you've got ample time! 


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