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Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak will give visitors incredible panoramic views of Hong Kong and its mesmerizing skyline. Located on Hong Kong island, this peak is one of Hong Kong's most popular destinations. You will not find solitude here but the impressive vantage point of the bustling city of Hong Kong is definitely worth it. Victoria's Peak is very commercialized, offering a bus to and from the top, a shopping mall for visitors, and a popular cable car to go up and down the peak. If you are coming to Hong Kong, a stop to Victoria's Peak needs to be on your list.

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Hiking to Victoria Peak

Hiking is a very popular activity throughout Hong Kong. Locals will frequently spend the weekends taking on a trail to get away from the concrete city and enjoy the natural wonder that surrounds it. To get to Victoria Peak, there are three options. Most people will use the bus or cable car to get to the top, but those that hike will feel the joy of earning that incredible view from the top! It is important to note that Victoria Peak referenced in the map is not the actual peak of the mountain. There is not a way to actually get to the summit of Victoria Peak. The lookouts are all along the ridge a couple hundred feet below the peak.

Option 1: Hatton Road to Victoria Peak from Hong Kong University MTR

The Hatton Road route to Victoria's Peak is the longest, but it is probably the easiest to access. Start by taking the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to the Hong Kong University stop. Take exit A2 and walk south, then east on University Street. There will be a path south to get to Kotewell Road. This road leads to the Hatton Road trailhead. The path from there to the Victoria Peak is an easy 8-foot wide trail that is lit up at night.

Option 2: Old Peak Road to Victoria Peak from Central MTR

An alternate route is the Old Peak Road route from Central station. If you start at the Central MTR and walk all the way to Victoria Peak, it will be 1419 feet of elevation gain over 1.67 miles. This hike is more difficult than the Hatton road route. If you hired a taxi to take you to the Old Peak Road Trailhead, then there would be much less elevation gain. From the trailhead, Victoria Peak is 2/3 of a mile, with about 500 feet of elevation gain.

Option 3: Pok Fu Lam to Victoria Peak

From the southern part of Hong Kong Island, you can also hike up to Victoria Peak from Pok Fu Lam. The best way to get to the trailhead is by bus. Navigate by bus to the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road bus stop. Just passed the reservoir will be the trailhead. This will be the least elevation gain of the three options. 

Bus to Victoria Peak

If you are not interested in hiking up to the top, there are many city buses that take you all the way from downtown to Victoria Peak. When I've done this, I hopped on the 15 bus from the bus station next to the Central Pier. Or it also picks up outside Admirality MTR station. The bus is a fantastic scenic ride of the city as it winds up the switchbacks towards Victoria Peak. The bus could be a great option to take down after hiking up if you're feeling tired.

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